LEMKEDESIGN is a traditional and digital design studio based in San Diego. We craft identity, digital and print together to create beautiful and cohesive visual experiences with measurable results.

Brian Lemke is an internationally recognized graphic designer who has created thousands of effective visual solutions – illustrations, brands and marketing materials- during his 37-year career. Experienced in a wide range of styles and techniques, Brian takes the time to listen to his clients needs and formulates a plan to take them to the next level. He understands that his success is tied to their success and most importantly, he treats every project with the respect it deserves and does what it takes to make sure people connect with their product or service.

What we do

Branding and Identity
Photo Retouching
Product Development

Art/Creative Direction
Vendor Management

Project Management

We help brands succeed with targeted messaging and strategic design. We craft brand experiences for companies, business services, nonprofit organizations, fundraising initiatives, and retail products.

Contact Us, Let’s go down that path together!

If you’re looking for help with the design, redesign, or refinement of your visual branding it’ll be a pleasure to hear from you. brianlemke@gmail.com 619.850.4278

We’ve produced work for clients across a broad range of industries